Car Culture is an issue that is the root cause of nearly all of our environmental and public health problems across the world.

Metro Manila mayors forged an agreement with the national government to ensure the establishment of an ecological solid waste management program at the household level, particularly in condominiums and subdivisions.

A proud farmer of many decades, Mr. Henry Binahon explains to us how he integrates fruit trees like durian and pomelo with understory perennial and annual vegetable crops like taro and amaranth.

Being part of the chain that develops environmental awareness among people is really important. Through information, people could be more environmentally-conscious!


A Mouthful of Waste

Did you know that when you cut back on eating meat and drinking bottled water, you are helping the environment big time?

If you haven’t seen the film Cowspiracy yet, please do so because it would open your eyes and make you realize the connection of beef with our forests, our water resources, climate change — the environment as a whole!

Cowspiracy Infogaphic

Cowspiracy Infographic

The film exposes that 2,500 gallons of water are needed to make just one pound of beef. Imagine, just a pound of beef and that much water. So in a way, you munching on your quarter pound-er burger at your favorite fast food joint makes you “use” more water than you would when you shower the entire day. That one burger uses about 660 gallons of water which translates to 132 minutes of shower time! (Old showers used to use up to 5 gallons of water per minute. Water-saving shower heads produce about 2 gallons per minute. – USGS Water Science School website).

And for water bottles, the International Bottled Water Association did a Water Use Benchmarking Study that revealed that to make a liter of one means having to use 1.39 liters [1 liter of water for product + 0.39 liter of process water (treatment, bottling, sanitization, etc.)]. However, the Water Footprint Network says the bottle itself could require 3 liters of water for production ( That means when you drink a liter of bottled water, you’re really taking in more than that.

I used to think that drinking bottled water is not good “just” because of the “garbage” it generates, but now, I realize it is more than that. So I guess, all I am saying is that the best, and probably  the easiest way for us to help the environment is to be mindful of what we eat as well. Avoid meat as much as possible, and try not to buy bottled water. Just bring your own. I wish there’s like a logo printed table skirt in every home that would remind people about this, just so we would not forget.

Imagine how much water, wildlife, and forest resources we would save if we do this together.