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Protecting our Atmosphere for Generations to Come

The Philippines celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol by forming a huge \"25\" with the help of students and faculty members from San Francisco High School. More »

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Schools

Schools in the country are getting more and more eco-friendly. More »


Road Revolution

Did you know that only 2% of the people in the Philippines have cars?

… And did you know that they are given 98% share of the roads?

I have never really thought about my share of the road til I heard it from a lecture this noon at the Lung Center of the Philippines. It is about Road Revolution, which is a movement of young Filipinos calling for a 50-50 share of the road — half for car-owners, and the other half, for pedestrians. Come to think of it, the country could really gain a lot if only such a road revolution takes place. This means a greatly-improved mass transport system, and a higher road share for pedestrians where people who want to walk, or bike, or even use a skateboard could finally do it without having to settle for the measly sidewalks alloted to pedestrians (which are also, and wrongly, being used by people who drive motorbikes as alternative lanes during heavy traffic).

So what’s in it for us? There are a lot which will probably pop up on tv and print in the days to come but I wanna highlight three benefits.

First, our right to breathe clean air will be realised. Less cars and improved mass transport systems would mean less emissions that give us respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases. The Philippine Medical Association said that the top diseases in the country are caused by air pollution. I also remember them saying that they (doctors) can easily tell where a dead person lived just by looking at his lungs – which are usually black if he’s from Metro Manila (eeek!).

Second, we will save money and time! Right now, it would normally take almost two hours to get to Ortigas from Fairview. Those hours could have been spent sleeping, or playing or helping your kids study, or just plain more quality time with your loved ones. If you are workaholic or into business, this means money wasted because you come to work probably late which would mean salary deductions, or missed business opportunity and less client calls.

Third, we will be sexier ( or more fit). Imagine the idea of biking “safely” to work, or walking along covered walkways for miles (okay that’s a bit of a stretch) but the idea that we would be free and safe to move and not just sit for hours in a car because we dont have any other choice how to get from point a to b is a good way to also exercise our butts off and therefore be sexier. Hehehe.

My reasons may sound too simple but they are reasons enough for me to join the cause. But if you want a heavier reason, there is this study which revealed that more than 50% of all the greenhouse gases come from transportation and its life cycle… And we all know that ghgs lead to global warming which leads to climate change which has been giving us extreme weather situations that have been really, really destructive.

For people who want to have better, cleaner air to breathe (for yourself, your kids, grandkids, and their future kids), there will be a Walk to WOK march on Monday, 6:30am, which would start at the Rizal Monument in Luneta.

The future will be safer if we all work together for it now. If you wanna know more, please visit the movement’s website at

Please spread word about the movement as well. Thank you very much.

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Job Opening

The Environmental Management Bureau of the DENR is in need of a staff with the following qualifications:

- Graduate of BS in Environmental Science, Biology, or other natural sciences
- Possesses excellent oral and written communication skills
- Proficient in MS Office software; knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign an advantage

Applicants may submit their resume at

Deadline of submission: January 27, 2014

Pahingalay: Prayer for Healing and Recovery

Former Senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani opens Pahingalay, a day of prayer for healing and recovery from natural disasters

During the past year, the country was visited by the destructive qualities of the four elements; fire (Zamboanga siege), earth (Bohol/Cebu earthquake), and air and water (Typhoon Yolanda hitting Samar, Leyte, Panay Island, Palawan). The CNetPSR (Citizen’s Network Psycho-Social Response), through Museo Pambata, Sanghabi, Brahma Kumaris and other organizations, spearheaded Araw ng Paghilom at Pagbangon: Isang Pahingalay, a day of prayer for healing and recovery for the survivors of the calamities. The ritual also served as a thanksgiving for the volunteers who heeded the call to help in these times of national crises.

Pahingalay is an old Tagalog word defined in the Diccionario Hispano-Tagalog by Serrano Laktaw in 1889. The word is also synonymous to the term “descansar” or “to rest”. Dr. Tess Obusan cited that pahingalay can be analyzed by the component words or concepts embedded within the word — pahinga (rest), hinga (breath), and alay (offering or sacrifice).

Today til tomorrow, other organizations in Visayas and Mindanao will also be conducting prayer rituals in their respective cities. So if you can, please spare a short quiet moment today and tomorrow, for the healing and recovery of our land.

The event is made possible through the support of Aloha in Action and Kaisa para sa Kaunlaran Foundation. For more information about the Pahingalay, CNetPSR and its activities, kindly call Museo Pambata at 523-1797 or email

Everything Leads to Manila Bay

First work week of the year has passed, and after a bit of a “looking back, what have we learned in 2013″ talk, we’re now geared for our first event — World Water Day on March!

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Water and Energy” — to highlight their being interconnected considering that water is needed to generate energy — hydroelectric, nuclear, and thermal specifically.

Anyway, we will be starting the environmental event season with a bang (lol), pulling off yet another concert after the well-attended Clean Air Concert in November last year. So we would be having a Wet Concert this March, with a program circling on the fact that we need to clean our waterways in Metro Manila because everything leads to Manila Bay. (FYI: The Supreme Court issued a Mandamus to have the Manila Bay cleaned — and since we are all good citizens of our beloved Philippines, we must participate).

Briefer down, venue booked. Currently in talks with the friendliest singer artist I have ever known to polish things out. What a welcome break after spending spending so much of my vacation time out with friends and family, and then on facebook and on dlisted, buzzfeed, reid websites, and instagram, lol.

So that’s it for now — just a teaser.


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