O U R   F E A T U R E D   P O S T S

farmers Farmers on the Forefront. It is incredibly inspiring and humbling to see farmers that have bought into the idea of being ecologically conscious and participating themselves as an organism integrated into the balanced farm system.

junkshopmini Start a Junkshop. Garbage is Big Business. Garbage may be a dirty business to some, but for the many people (and communities) who have earned from it, it is big business. You, too, could earn from recyclables! How? Start a junkshop.

museo Museo Pambata: A Fun Place for Kids to Learn about the Environment. Are you a mommy (or daddy) or a teacher? Do you want your super cute kids to learn more about science and the environment in a fun, engaging way? Yes? Then, take your kids to Museo Pambata!

CALAGUASTravel: Calaguas Island. The beauty that Calaguas has to offer is undeniable. The boat ride to the island is a treat itself – and this is just the beginning. So, if you are searching for an “inexpensive but picturesque” island destination, Calaguas might be it.

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