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Trees are an obsession, planting them is a passion with the hope to make it a fashion, a trend for the next generation. To name my son Forest shows a deep commitment… Trying to make not a company but a movement is a creed for life.  – Mr. Nelson Enojo

The modernization that shaped our society and improved the Philippine economy and infrastructure has become a burden for our environment. The need for balance – ecological integrity with wealth – is critical, and to go back to the basics is key.

In June 1992, during the Earth Summit, participating governments of the world embraced Agenda 21 – that is, to bring the Earth into a sustainable future. In the country, we adopted and enhanced the Philippine Agenda 21, envisioning a better quality of life for all through sustainable development, anchored on five goal elements: poverty reduction, social equity, empowerment and good governance, peace and solidarity, and ecological integrity.

The Trees for Poverty Alleviation Project, spearheaded by Mr. Nelson Enojo, for the Earth Challenge Initiative of the Restore Green Movement, shares one such passion: to provide livelihood for the masses through reforestation, restoration, and the protection of the Philippine forests.

The Movement aims to establish tree-plant nurseries in every school, government and municipal office, and town municipalities (including parishes of various church organizations) in the entire province of Southern Leyte, Philippines. The group has fully planted a 64 hectare public land in 2005 which is growing well, to date. They have also dispersed 13,000 grafted mango seedlings to various communities and households in 2006, and have been active in planting trees along the roads, highways, and coastal areas.

For the group, helping to combat global climate change through reforestation is one way to solve the perennial problem of poverty of the Philippines as a 3rd world country.

Through the movement, an equal distribution of opportunities is allowed, that will reach the grassroots level directly by providing them with direct income and livelihood. It encourages a wider audience to participate in the fight against global warming, a global challenge turned into an opportunity for the unemployed, the grassroots and the marginalized.

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