Earth Hour Philippines

Last night, the Philippines held a “lights-off” hour from 8 to 9pm, to join the Earth Hour campaign against global warming and climate change.

Prior to the event, local news showed the Philippines Earth Hour team, WWF, doing the rounds in the country’s premier cities, even going as far as distributing flyers in malls and other commercial establishments.

Local TV Network, GMA7 (also QTV11) also featured videos on Climate Change and Global Warming to help spread awareness, and hopefully facilitate change in the Filipino way of consuming energy.

Anyway, here’s a clip, taken by agosngtao during the Earth Hour celebration in Manila (Roxas Boulevard, CCP, and the SM Mall of Asia).

From GMANews.TV, their video report, “RP joins world in observing Earth Hour”:

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A lot maybe asking, why are we doing this? And, what is wrong with climate change? Everything is interconnected, everything affects the other in one way or more. Meaning, if we keep on using energy even if it’s not needed, like, keeping our computers, or tv on even when it is not in use — we add to the warming effect that’s happening on our beloved Earth.

Again, everything is interconnected — that is, if the planet warms up, naturally, things will get hot. The snow/ice/glaciers will melt, sea levels could rise (snow melted, right?), plus the possibility of soil erosion. It might get so hot that heatwaves and droughts would occur, which would, of course, affect us all.

The Earth Hour last night is a wake-up call.. and so go Pinoy! Let’s help heal the world!

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  1. joy 13 years ago

    i’m joining earth hour this year because i was not aware of this project last year and i’m encouraging all my friends to join as well.

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