What to do with Paper Waste

Do you waste a lot of paper in the office? Why not try to use both sides?

And… if you belong to the population of pretty ladies who has gotten more than hundreds of love letters and you would want to throw them all, consider recycling them, and who knows, you might even earn from your unwanted love letters.

* Paper also includes folders, bond paper, corrugated cartons, cardboards, and magazines. Also, boxes of pizza, toothpaste, soaps, and the likes.

Here’s what to do with Paper Waste:

Segregate! Separate the “whites” from the “colored”. Just like when we do the laundry. (White paper costs more)
Use both sides of the paper. In our office, we use the other side either for printing or for copying. We also cut them into little pieces for notes.
– Since carton boxes are bulky, fold them to save space. You could resell them just like what the groceries are doing — selling used carton boxes for as high as 20 a piece.
Recycle them! Create something out of paper — like bags, paper toils, flower vases made from directories.

Then, if you already recycled and reused your paper wastes and there are some still left, sell them to junkshops… or let the collectors get them. Just make sure not to let them get your paper waste when it rains.

* some tips from the UNDP poster on solid waste management.

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  1. ARNOLD 12 years ago

    i want to sell used papers

  2. Rox 12 years ago

    if you have accummulated a sizeable amount of paper waste, call us and we will buy it. we are the biggest paper recycler, and biggest wastepaper buyer in the Philippines.

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