What to do with Plastic

We see a lot of goodies in the market with plastic packaging, which goes to say that after you’ve used the item, you’re left with, yes, plastic.

A lot of groups, NGOs and government agencies alike, are rallying on the use of less packaging just so we could minimize plastic waste. Why? Because these type of garbage are usually the ones that end up in our esteros and canals, thanks to some “super disciplined” pinoys, clogging them.

Now, if you’ve already accumulated a lot these plastic waste, sell them. But first, you have to wash them. This is to make sure they dont smell, so just in case you have to store them, they wont attract insects. After cleaning, place them in a recyclables container, then proceed to the junkshop, and make money!

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  1. Aaron Wakling 12 years ago

    Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

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