What to do with Bottles or Broken Glass?

If you have lots of bottles — softdrinks, beer, wine, soy sauce, juice, catsu, peanut butter, coffee, name it — keep them, clean them, and bring them to junk shops, or waste markets. Earn from trash.

First, you have to clean the bottles (again, just like with plastics), this is to prevent foul smell, or for insect infestation. Then place the bottles in recyclables container. You could either recycle them and trun them into jars and handicrafts, or if yo’re not that creative, sell them.

For broken glasses, just remember to segregate the glasses by color, then do crafts ala shabbychic.

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  1. kurt 11 years ago

    as an alternative to sand or as an add on or just an extender for cementing purposes, you might want to segregate those bottles by its color and ground it, mix it with your cement or saturate it with your medium when making hollowblocks or bricks, wait til it dries up, your neighbours will be taken aback in awe as they pass by your creation or fence.its a good binding agent with an art!!! so much for whining about those wine bottles bro, pick up that grinder and let’s get it on!!! Hails and Horns from Davao City!

  2. Joy 13 years ago

    I have a lot of broken glass from display cabinets and broken mirrors also, is there a place where i can bring them? Kindly text me at 0917-5355216, thanks!

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