Stop Smoking

There are three major sources of air pollution: mobile sources (cars, vehicles, those with engine), stationary sources (factories), and area sources (open burning and smoking).

And though mobile sources remain the number one source of air pollution, we need to keep our eyes focused also on one area source which directly affects us humans — SMOKING!

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer — and so, we need to take action. As bad as it may seem, if it is for the smokers alone, then by all means, destroy your bodies — but there are non-smokers in the world who get affected more through second-hand smoke. Respect other people, and respect the environment.

The Metro Manila Development Authority recently reinforced the ban on smoking on public utility vehicles. Drivers, and passengers are fined, or warned, if caught. Advice: Do not wait to be caught, stop smoking, for your sake — and your family’s sake.

The rising number of youth smokers is alarming, and so for the fitting theme for the World No Tobacco Day, “Tobacco-Free Youth.” Kids, smoking is not as cool as it seems. Stop before it’s too late. Have your lungs checked at the Lung Center of the Philippines, or at the nearest hospital.

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  1. Scott 13 years ago

    That should including any burning of garbage or waste because it can cause the same damage as Tabacco if not more so because there is more of it

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