Start a Junkshop. Garbage is Big Business.

Garbage may be a dirty business to some, but for the many people (and communities) who have earned from it, it is big business. The Recyclables’ Collection Event (of the Earthday Network Philippines, the Philippine Business for the Environment, DENR, and many other organizations) has collected over three milion — P3,143,345.00 worth of recyclables (monetary equivalent) to be exact, from garbage.

Three million is a big amount of money, and though the RCE group is in it for advocacy, you too, can do it, and earn.

How? Start a junkshop.

Here’s what you might need:

1. A list of recyclers.. or make connections at the Waste Markets in malls


You need to get a list of recyclers since they will be the one to buy the junk and scraps you would accumulate. Without these buyers, you might end up becoming more like an open dumpsite, rather than a Materials Recovery Facility. You might want to check here for the list. For waste markets schedule, check the SWAPP website.

2. A weighing scale


This is probably the most important “gadget” a junkshop operator has, since your income will be dependent on the “kilos” — how much everything weighs. Of course, aside from the calculator where you would compute your earnings. hehe.

3. An open space


This would be your Materials Recovery Facility where you would have to segregate garbage. If you have no idea on segregation, click here.

4. A simple kariton, an ecobike, or a truck


This is necessary especially if you will be buying waste in bulk. If you are trying to go big time, you would need a truck. This is also necessary if you do not have an open space since you would just have to go from being a junk “shop” to becoming a junk “system” — in the environment sector parlance, this means from operating a “Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)” to implementing a “Materials Recovery System (MRS)”. With an MRS, you wouldnt be needing an open space. You would just be like a “transporter” of wastes — collecting and weighing segregated wastes from neighborhoods, and then heading to the recyclers to exchange everything you would have collected to cash.

By the way, you could also trade your collected garbage for cash at the waste markets.

In a nutshell: collect-segregate-transport-earn

For a more interactive discussion on the topic, do check Need Help in Starting a Junkshop Business? in the Entrepreneur site.

Photo Credits: EMB-DENR

28 Responses to Start a Junkshop. Garbage is Big Business.

  1. birchtree says:

    hi ms. evea! wow! nice post :) ang japorms naman ng peddler at mukhang cute! hihihi ;)

  2. abet says:

    hi! It’s good to know may ganitong website. Just like to inform you that our shop here in Cebu (TSL Enterprises) have been a part of SM’s Cebu’s Waste Market Fair since it started last year. Now, it’s already on its 2nd year and renamed “Waste to Cash”.

    Hope marami pa ang mag recycle ng kanilang waste.

  3. gp says:


    malamang po ay representative-donor siya ng mga foreign-assisted projects. marami kasing mga international organizations na nagooffer ng loans, or tumutulong sa atin para maayos ang environment. Baka po from UNDP siya. cute nga din siya :D


    Sir, salamat po. If you have a background info about your organization, and of course, your involvement sa mga Waste Market in SM Cebu, id be happy to post it here sa greenphils. Para po mas maraming gumaya sa inyo, at mas maraming makaalam na may bumibili po pala talaga ng mga waste.

  4. […] How? Start a junkshop. If you wanna know how, click here. […]

  5. abet says:

    Can i post some of our pictures sa Waste Market Fair? Actually, I’m previously connected sa isang NGO and we started our junk shop business because of the Ecological Solid Waste Management law na pinag aralan namin sa NGO. It’s really true that there is money in waste/junk. I’ll send you a profile of our shop later. Thanks a lot!!

  6. gp says:

    abet, sige po kuya. Will be glad to have it featured here.

  7. cynthia says:

    pls help me put up a junk shop..whether in tarlac or pampanga.i appreciate your effort in helping new entrepreneurs like me.more power and godspeed!

  8. I want to start a Junk Shop and a Junk Art at the same time.It was really my passion to create artworks and at the same time have business.I can invest initially P150,000.I dont know how to start? Should I need a partner? I want the junkshop to be versatile,with welding machine etc., shop at the same time. I would appreciate it if somebody who have a passion like mine will help.I am gifted in concept but a poor implementor. Thanks—

  9. gp says:

    Ms. Cynthia and Kuya Jebie, you could interact with junksho entrepreneurs at this link:

    They’re all very nice and willing to help :) The thread has everything you need to know in starting a junkshop business. They also have a list of suppliers.

    Kuya Jebie, regarding junk art, i have seen an exhibit of it at Museo Pambata, i just cant recall the name of the artist. You could try calling them to ask who the artist was. Contact number is (632) 523.1797 to 98, 536-0595
    (look for Curt, he’s an artist too.. if he’s no there, ask for Liza) :)

  10. roland says:

    why the prices of junks are keep on going down? like metal, plastic and almost everything of them. Is there anyone who could give a feedback on this matter.

  11. gp says:

    it’s law of supply and demand. If there are more junks being sold in the market, of course, prices would go low.

  12. roland says:

    to : gp,

    thanks for the reply but do you think that the economy has relevance in the issue of prices of junks?
    i have been studying this business for several months already cause i’m planing to set up the same but i am quite disappointed this month (sept – oct.) it bothers me the way they keep on going down. if you owned this tupe of buss do you really need to be a member of Linis Ganda in different municipality? would they be able to help somebody in terms of client and marketing?
    thanks and god bless.

  13. gp says:

    kuya tinext na kita. pinsan mo to. nyahaha. :p

  14. Joy says:

    I am working abroad. We want to start a junk shop busines in Davao City. My husband is in the Philippines right now. Please give some inputs to start.

  15. jcl says:

    anu anu b ung mga klase ng mga plastic n pwede ibenta??en sa mga cans..pnu b i classify ung mga un?

  16. colbahrn says:

    Anong agency ang kailangan nating lapitan pag magtayo tayo ng junk shop at anong tulong ang kailangan natin sa kanila.

  17. clint says:

    is there any training course for junk shop business?

  18. alan says:

    magkano po ba ang capital to start up a junk business?next year mag try po ako sa ganitong business..yung makukuha ko sa service award ko sa work yun ang ipampupuhunan ko at sana nga matupad at umunlad..napakahirap kasi ang malayo s pamilya…

  19. charisma says:

    hi…ako din gusto ko mag tayo ng junk shop,,sana matulungan nyo rin ako..i need ur advice…pls help me…thanks

  20. aizasedaria says:

    magkno po ang special price ng aluminum frame ksi po meron akong more or less 3tons.
    san po mkreply kau kaagad..slamt po..

  21. Conger says:

    Your impressive and unique content amazed me. You have written perfect piece.

  22. gp says:

    The National Solid Waste Management Commission is probably the best resource for all questions — they have a list of technology, recyclers, even best practices to help inspire you as you go around helping manage waste. You may contact them at 9202252. :)

  23. birchtree says:

    Hi ms. evea! Dumadalaw lang :) Dami pa ring interested sa junkshop biz ah. Parang gusto ko ulit mag-put up nito ^_^

  24. 40 pesos per kilo ng aluminum. contact no. 09273269264. thanks

  25. harve says:

    Good morning,
    thank you Ms for all good job your doing , may i ask you please if i have to register that to the government? and do i have to bay tax for it?
    Kindly if you can guide me for what to do in processing of registration please . thank you so much its greet information keep up god bless you .

  26. gp says:

    Hi Harve,

    Here’s info you might want to check:

    The operation of junkshops is primarily under the control of the lgus by virtue of republic act 7160, commonly known as the local government code. The issuance of permits and licenses is vested with the business
    permits and licensing office (bplo) of every municipality and city.

    During the application process for a business permit, the bplo requires the proponent or owner to sign an undertaking that: the junkshop operation shall not be the subject of complaints in the neighbourhood, that it is not obstructive to traffic flow, that it shall not encroach the right of way, and shall have good sanitation. The proponent must secure a locational or site clearance order from the local planning office. The planning office checks for compliance with the land use plan or with the zoning ordinance. The swmu is not involved in the processing of permits that should look into other requirements such as storage capacities, facilities, operational procedures, safety, environmental impacts, and others.

    Source: ADB TA 3848 PHI: Metro Manila Solid Waste Management Project

    You may download the whole Junk Shop study here:

    Hope this helps :)

  27. mike says:

    ask lng po….s scrap ng mga ECOZONE(PEZA) totoo po b n bidding ang pag dispose nila or palakasan system lng po dun….kc po complete n papel ko pero kng palakasan system di rin ako mananalo s bidding…any comment and opinion pls….tnx po

  28. MPM says:

    looking for used PET bottles
    minimum volume = 100kg
    Valenzuela City 09278301566

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