Back to School Green Tips

28477_127763553924082_2057764_nSummer’s over and it is “back-to-school fever” here in the country. This year, we encourage everybody to follow this simple green school tips:

Kid’s Baon. There are cafeterias saying “no-no” to disposable containers. This means kids would have to use insulated baon containers, or washable lunch kits. This is to atleast help minimize the bulk of cafeteria wastes like soiled tissue, tetra packs, or juice cans.

School Supplies. Learn to reuse and recycle. It’s going to help parents save a lot of money, especially now that times are getting tough.

  • Check if you still have some “left-overs” from last year’s. Still have that ruler or calculator? Use it.
  • School bags are not just for one-school-year use, just wash your old school bags and use it again, or, you could just donate, or sell your old bags for other kids to use.
  • Are there unused pages in your old notebooks? Why dont you segregate the used pages from the unused… gather the latter, and ask the parents to sew them together. Just cover the “notebook cover” with a neat page from a magazine, and presto, a new notebook.
  • For your old “reports”, check if you have used the other side of the bond paper, if not, cut them to little squares and you’ve got yourself a notepad.

Books. Check if the school would be requiring newly-published books. If not, why not get them from second-hand bookshops… or, ask some seniors if you could borrow their books.

Walk. If school’s just around the corner, or just across the street, walk! It’s great exercise. You may also get to school with a bicycle, or, if you have cars, arrange carpool sessions with friends to save on gas, afterall, it’s a lot better going to school with friends around.

Then while at school, keep with the green habit. Ask if there are environmental youth groups around, join if there are.. if none, ask if you could organize one. Then, for a project, put up a green group and establish a Recyclables Collection Event in schools. This means asking others to bring trash, and let junk shops buy them. Instant cash (funding) for your school organization. For a few more simple tips, here:

  • Turn off your pc or laptops when not in use. It helps save energy.
  • If you see some trash, pick it up and throw it properly (segregated).
  • If you’re going out of the room (the whole class), turn off the lights.

You could also join the greenschools e-groups or clubs to know the buzz about how to keep your respective schools green. 🙂

Happy Green Schools!


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  1. denr 12 years ago

    […] tips: Kid??s Baon. There are cafeterias saying ???no-no??? to disposable containers. This means ki units near sea mishap site told to prepare vs possible oil spill GMA NewsMANILA, Philippines – […]

  2. Bernt 12 years ago

    Very good tips for students! I have also gathered a list of tips to make your everyday greener! Have a look if you’re interested!

  3. Callcentergal 12 years ago

    Very practical tips here. I practiced some of those when I’m still studying. =)

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