Vacancy Announcement: Communications and Policy Assistant at CAI-Asia

The Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) Center is actively seeking a Communications and Policy Assistant (ages 22-35) for the Clean Air and Blue Skies Asia Exchange Project. The project generally aims to strengthen the capacity of institutions responsible for air quality management (AQM) in Asia. The qualified candidate will be sent to Hanoi to work with the Swiss-Vietnamese Clean Air Program and the Vietnam Clean Air Partnership, on behalf of the CAI-Asia Center.

Specifically, the candidate shall undertake the following activities in Hanoi, Vietnam for a period of 10 months:

– Identify primary and secondary stakeholders of the Vietnam AQM awareness raising
– Determine professional relationships with numerous key external constituencies (civil society, academe, other stakeholders)
– Work closely with the Swiss-Vietnamese Clean Air Program to develop a communication strategy framework for AQM, implement the communication and awareness raising component, and other related activities
– Organize a network of stakeholders to support Vietnam AQM campaign and policy development, with multi-stakeholder participation (e.g., government, media, academe, business)
– Launch a high-impact and news-worthy event for the ‘Friends of VCAP’ multi-stakeholder network
– Develop effective marketing and promotion tools to raise awareness (e.g, print, video, newsletter) to support the VCAP public campaign, using appropriate language and media.
– Support the fund-raising activities in the conduct of the above activities
– Share to Vietnamese stakeholders the Philippine experience in the formulation and implementation of the Philippine Clean Air Act and AQM Action Plan, particularly the challenges and successes

The qualified candidate shall attend a preparatory course for the international posting at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand for three weeks starting October 1. Posting in Hanoi, Vietnam is expected to start on 1 November. A roundtrip ticket and accommodation shall be provided for travels to Thailand and Vietnam.

The criteria for selection of the candidate are as follows:

– At least 5 years experience in development communications work;
– Must present strong history and demonstrated ability of handling multi-stakeholder consultation and expertise in communication planning as well as to manage/plan and execute complex communications plans that often require multiple teams;
– Ability to design and carry out a communications strategy based on study of different communications environments and an ability to learn, adapt and be innovative as new communications challenges arise;
– Extensive experience and skill in managing high level communications with the media, NGOs, government officials, international institutions, business groups, etc.; and
– Knowledge of general AQM and particularly relevant air quality policies such as the Philippine Clean Air Act and the AQM Action Plan, their formulation and status of implementation.

Please send your CV with complete contact information to on or before 15 August 2008 (Friday).

Women are highly encouraged to apply. The age requirement for women is 22-40 years old provided all other criteria for selection are met by the candidate.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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