The Benefits of Solar Panels

photo credit: lenulenac |
photo credit: lenulenac |

About two weeks ago, local morning news, Umagang Kay Ganda, featured a community with houses powered with solar panels, yes, solar panels. It was a project of the local government, to which many families are able to benefit from.

Solar Panels are a great help to the Philippines, especially since there still are villages in the regions having no access to electricity at all.

In such areas, isolated and far from the metropolis, solar panels could prove to be the most cost effective way to bring about the basic needs of the community — like lighting, irrigation, and even health-related concerns (since rural villages usually are not that well-equipped, lacking of facilities because probably, there aren’t any source of electricity to run them).

So what are the benefits of a solar panel:

1. It provides electricity to even the most remote villages. As mentioned, there are still some people in the provinces who are still without access to electricity. Many local documentaries have already exposed this fact. If the government could provide for the solar panels of these isolated communities (or maybe, even rich people who would be kind enough to donate), our rural folks would even become more productive, plus, they will also have more access to information brought about by the media.

2. It cuts electricity cost, so people would be able to save more, or use their money on more important things like food, education, and hospitalization. Times are tough now and each and every savings we could get could help better our lives.

3. The sun’s always there! All we need is to place solar panels and no longer do we have to depend on other sources for our electricity needs.

4. The energy source is clean, non-polluting, renewable, and dependable. As the reliable solar panel solutions provider, Empire Solar, puts it, “a typical 5 KW system eliminates more than 6 tons of CO2 emissions annual. This is the same as planting more than 2.5 acres of trees or cutting your weekly gas consumption by 25 gallons.”

5. It is time to be green. The whole world is going green, and it would make you feel part of the whole.

Solar panels power the “powerless”, so to speak…

And, with the rising cost of electricity, it’s high time for us to take solar energy utilization seriously.


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  2. gp 12 years ago

    guess you could start with a plan, and from there, you’d know where to go. you will always find people who would be willing to help 🙂

  3. kouji 12 years ago

    i’m quite interested in the personal/consumer aspect of this as well. for example, i got the crank flashlight from cdr king for several hundred pesos. now, i no longer depend on batteries in the event of a brownout.

    i’m looking for something similar solar-wise. there are products i’ve seen (such as the solio) which appear promising for charging smaller gadgets, but i have yet to find local equivalents.

    oh wait, cdr king has a solar charger pala, but i don’t yet have the cash for it. thing is, there are so many blogs and sites on solar use, from a personal perspective abroad (such as solar cooking, solar water heaters, that sort of thing), where no new technology really is used (the solar cookers and heaters rely directly on heat, as opposed to solar panels), but the benefits of the sun are harnessed.

    and don’t even get me started on wind power. it makes me wish i had more craft and basic electronic skills. the information is out there. i just need to get started.

    thanks for the post. 🙂

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