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Low Carbon Diet

There are people on a diet who are busy looking for the best weight loss product in the market, and, there are those on a different kind of diet. Yes, the low carbon diet.

Early this month, I wrote about Climate Change, and the low carbon diet being pushed locally by the environment organization, KLIMA. The group has initiated diet plans for offices, for cellphones, schools, homes, and cars — a whole lifestyle.

Just a sampler, here are their suggested low carbon diet tips for offices:

1. Recycle Office Paper – 4kg of CO2 reduced for every kilogram of paper recycled.
2. Turn off lights in offices and conference rooms when not in use. Saves hundreds of kilograms of CO2 a year.
3. Turn off office equipments when at night and during the weekend, when not needed. Hundreds f kilograms of CO2 reduced as well.
4. When PCs are in a network and cant be shut down at night, atleast turn off the monitors. Reduces about 45 kilograms of CO2 a year.

See? Simple ways but significant impact to our environment.

Anyway, here’s KLIMA’s contact:

Klima Climate Change Center
Manila Observatory
Ateneo de Manila University campus,
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel +63 2 426-5921
Fax +63 2 426-0847
klima @ observatory.ph

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  1. gp 13 years ago

    i agree. also heard there’s a proposal, just not sure which agency, to buy energy-efficient bulbs and give them to people so everybody could be “on a diet”. 🙂

  2. kouji 13 years ago

    diet tips… nice title. 🙂

    i find that many offices now print on both sides of paper before recycling. a good idea.

    would be good also for homes and buildings to replace their bulbs with more efficient ones. i hear that some local government units are considering this.

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