Recycled Newspaper to Stylish Bags

Two weeks ago, I lectured at this public highschool in Quezon City, upon the invite of the Inner Wheel group (wives of Rotary Club members) headed by Miss Chit Reyes.

Now, Miss Chit had this beautiful bag with her, and I was surprised to learn that it’s made from recycled newspaper.

Newspaper bags

Her bag’s the one at the left-most, chic, isnt it? Now, the others are as pretty as the first one.

Newspaper bags

More designs above. This time a bit native looking.

And know what’s best about the bags, aside from the fact that they’re made from old newspapers, they’re also made by our friends from the National Mental Hospital. So, if you want to help them, go visit them, and buy some bags.

You help them, and you help the environment as well.

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  1. Heidi 11 years ago

    hi, i would like to get more information on how to contact the person or company that makes these great bags. Also, the contact information of JC of Tondo. Hope you can get back to me on this. Thanks.

  2. gp 11 years ago

    By the way, Kilus Foundation also makes bags from trash. website is

  3. gp 11 years ago

    You may contact the Inner Wheel, headed by Miss Chit Reyes. πŸ™‚

  4. araceli 11 years ago

    nice bags you have there. Where can i learn to make those bags? I’d like to make use of sooo many old mags i have. Thanks

  5. Laila 11 years ago

    Hi!!! Wow what a great imagination!!!! your bags are really beautiful. How I wish I could make even a simpler one. Do you offer seminars on how to make one please? I am outside manila that’s why I cannot visit the places you’ve mentioned.

  6. ChinChic 12 years ago

    Hi there, may I know if there is a website I could order these lovely bags? I’m very interested to buy but I’m not in this country… please help, and thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  7. gp 12 years ago

    Hi Dex, thanks.. and more success to you too. In our little way, may we be able to help our people, our country, and our planet… all it takes is to spread the word so there’d be more environmentally-aware people πŸ™‚ Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  8. Dex 12 years ago

    That is very cool! I hope more people will become aware of these products and start using them more. We need more people like you who are passionate about making a positive change in our behavior towards the environment. I’d love to help out. i wish you (and all of us, for that matter) more success!

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