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Here’s calling on everybody to lighten up — particularly on their energy consumption, to save the environment and help cut cost, especially since MERALCO announced that come February, rates will increase at PhP 0.0048 centavo per kwh.

So what are the little things we can do at home (and office) to help “lighten up”?

First, we have to check our fixtures. Turn of the lights when not in use. Chandeliers could be set aside for a while, or if you cant, clean up the bulbs to clear its illumination. Bathroom Lighting as well as under cabinet lighting should be switched off when not in use.

In my case, since I have a really tiny space, I just switch one on, and that’s it. Usually, I just open the window so natural light comes in, which is enough to illuminate the whole unit. Maybe, if you’re house has huge windows, you could do the same.

At the office, we have this Electricity Conservation Program put up under our Environmental Management System. Under the program, we are encouraged to maximize the use of resources, and also save up. Say, when leaving a room, we are told to turn off our computers (or even just the monitor), switch off the aircon units, and also the lights. We also have this policy of just turning on the aircon units in the offices “only” from 9am to 4pm — and this is considering the fact that we hold office from 7:00am to 6:30pm. And, going back to our lighting system, we also have replaced our bulbs with more energy efficient ones.

True enough, we are able to save a lot.

We are able to save money, and in a way, are collectively able to save the environment.

So lighten up!

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