One Heart. One Earth.

We’ll be having a Forum-Workshop on the Environmental Awareness and Education Act (Republic Act 9512), and we were asked to prepare slogans for the giveaways. Of course, only one will get chosen, so this is what I had in mind.

It was actually my friend who thought of the slogan “one heart, one earth”, after I told her that I wanted to play the fact that “earth” and “heart” share the same letters… and that if we only have a change of heart for the environment, we would have a better earth. We were like players on ping pong tables as we thought of creative ways to present the idea in a catchy way, and after a few minutes (and a few photoshop tweaking), we have this. By the way, the “leaves” are made of hearts.

If this doesn’t get chosen, at least, I have shown it here and have gotten my message across. Okay, now I have an update. My design did not get approved, had to make another one.

PS: Not part of the committee who invites participants. Sorry for all those who’ve been emailing.

One Heart. One Earth.

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