Everyone is a Hero

Truth is, still cant get over Typhoon Ondoy.

Though I’m one of the lucky few whose house didn’t get submerged in flood waters, the rest of my family did. My ate (sister)’s house in Fairview got washed out, literally like a walk in bath, but dirty; same with my other ate in Manila (first floor); and same with my uncle in Vista Verde. My mom’s youngest brother is still missing (or we all have yet to hear from him).

… and thousands more experienced the same.

The outpouring of love and support from every Filipino had matched the destruction caused by Ondoy. Everybody has become selfless…

Here’s quoting from facebook, a news comment of an American Dweller in the Philippines:

“I wish you all could see the amazing community spirit, charity and compassion in the Philippines. What I see happening here totally blows away the response to hurricane Katrina. People here have less to give, yet they are giving ABUNDANTLY. There is such a greater story than just the ‘death toll’ that the american media fails to capture.”

… if the American who said that could read this, it’s the Filipino bayanihan… we help each other in times of need, no matter what.

To close, I’ll also quote a message from an artwork of Mark Gosingtian, he said…

“Where I’m from, everyone’s a hero”

I pray that everyone will be safe… God is stronger than all storms.

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  1. Dennis Morada 11 years ago


    I so agree. I first have stumbled upon your site months ago when I was searching about Illac Diaz’s works. Now, very now and then, I look back here to learn more.

    It’s great to have like-minded and like-hearted bloggers around. Let’s continue on this advocacy. It’s something the country needs to be enlightened and educated about.

    Great work.

    I’d like to share to you a poem I wrote about heroism and greening:


    A greenr, healthier, and happier earth to us all.


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