Earth Day 2010: A Billion Acts of Green

The whole world has been celebrating Earth day for years, and come April 2010, it’s gonna be our 40th year of celebrating such a really, really important event.

The Earth Day Network is calling on all of us to generate our own little acts of green so we could altogether build a Billion Acts of Green. It could be as simple as starting an environment blog like this one; ensuring that the switches are turned off when you are not using your computer; not smoking; planting trees; conserving water; maintaining your vehicles well… oh, the list is endless.

We were actually talking about it the other day here at the office, and my friend said that hers would be bringing her own lunch kit, so there’s no longer gonna be a need for plastic for her food. I think that is a really great idea.

Remember, each of us has to do something for the environment. Help save the planet.. it’s the only home we’ve got.

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  1. Jasmine Guevara 11 years ago

    I should probably create a list of all-things-green that I already do/use at home…and then re-assess what other things I can add to the list 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

    For one thing, I already use the Green Pan…the thing is, I just burned it! I wonder what kind of harmful fumes I emitted after doing that 🙁

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