Environmental Education is Key

Another thing you can do for the environment — learn!

The passage of RA 9512, or the Environmental Education and Awareness Act, provided a solid foundation for environmental education in the country. True, for years, there are schools and universities who have been offering environment courses — and both the elementary and secondary schools have been pushed to integrate environment into their curriculum, it is RA 9512 that “sealed the deal” for people to acknowledge that “green” learning is important.

And now that “green is in”, more and more are getting into Environmental Management in college… and hopefully, people who already have degrees could also get graduate courses on the same.

Among the schools (in the metro) that offer graduate programs are Miriam College (MA in Environmental Management, MA in Education Major in Environmental Education, Master of Science in Environmental Studies), De La Salle University – Manila (Master of Science in Environmental Science and Ecosystems Management), Philippine Women’s University (Master of Science in Environmental Management), and the University of the Philippines (MS Environmental Engineering, MS Environmental Science, and MA. Ed. Environmental Education).

.. and these are just “some” from the National Capital Region. There are plenty of options. All you have to do now is choose the “course” that is right for you, review, and take the plunge.

Learning must never end — more so, if it’s learning about the environment that gives us life.

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  1. Ateneo also offers MA in Environmental Management. =)


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