Detox Earth

Mother Earth needs a rapid detox.

… and this is what we are doing, through the ten million movement acts for mother earth. Have you done something for mother earth lately?

Lately, we’ve been witnesses to so many catastrophes that have been hitting our planet. We’ve had Ondoy last year, then earthquakes all over the world, the most recent was the one in China the other day (where about 700 have reportedly died). The earth is really changing, even if the others are too blind to see. From the “waters” we had last year, now, we’ve got drought caused by El Nino. People are dying along with the crops… something must be done.

They say the planet has it’s way of, if I may put it, detoxifying itself. It does so to maintain its balance so it could remain able to provide life for all it’s inhabitants — given the limit to what it could bear. It’s like there’s a carrying capacity, and we’ve probably gone way over that. Of course, Im not sure about this, it’s just me thinking out loud, but I guess it would do best if we altogether help nurture Earth so it could nurture more people.

We’ve been destroying Earth, extracting it’s resources without sustainability in mind that it probably has gone to make a comeback. I remember hearing from someone, “nature doesn’t forgive”… If this is true, then, we would have to be prepared cause we have committed major sin against the earth by raping and abusing her.

We can altogether say sorry, and do something to appease her.

We could start by living green, by breathing green, by loving green.

It’s five days till earth day…

Happy earth day everyone.

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