Tricycles for Cleaner Air

July 3rd, 2010 Posted by air 0 thoughts on “Tricycles for Cleaner Air”

In the recently concluded Forum on Moving the Clean Air 10 Declaration: A Step Forward, the tricycle sector was given the privilege to share their insights to the movers and shakers of the Partnership for Clean Air movement.

From there, I have learned that they really are a huge group, providing two million direct jobs to people (I’m guessing here in our area alone, it’s already close to fifty), and that they contribute a total of $3 Billion yearly value of services ($10 /day x 300 days x 1M units) to the Philippine economy. Not to mention the P18B VAT contribution from fuel alone from 2006 to present (not passed on to commuters) and the more than P1B road users’ tax since its implementation.

They also shared the benefits they have been getting from the government, which include the Boundary “Hulog” or Rent to Own Program where they get to own their trikes after paying for some time, and the PhP5,000 loan for the housewives of drivers. Maybe they should include a roadside assistance plan for them, like health insurance, or tune-up discounts since they get exposed to air pollution more than the rest of us.

Anyway, the rest of their presentation is here (it’s a pdf version), so if you are interested, just check it out:

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