What can we do to clean the air?

Next week’s already November, time to celebrate yet another Clean Air Month. I haven’t heard of the theme yet, but here are some simple things we can do to help clean the air.

First is to quit smoking. Hehehe. Okay, I’m biased cause I don’t smoke, but I feel that quitting would save one not just money from all those cigarettes you buy for i-dont-even-know-how-much-a-pack, but will also save you from all the bad breathe, migraine treatment, lung cancer treatment, heck, even save your life (and the life of those around you).

Second, grow a plant (or lots of it, even trees). I don’t have much space where I live now, don’t even have a lot (huhu), but we have plants in our unit. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen in return, which means cleaner air to breathe. I actually got so delighted when a friend gave me a plant as a gift during my birthday last week. It’s on my desk at the office. Hehe.

Third, if you have your own car, make sure it passed the emission test, that it’s not one of those smoke-belching vehicles plying across major roads. Don’t be one of those no-shows, bribery guys who would just give money (it’s illegal!) to some bad PETCs. Tsktsk.

Fourth, you might also wanna try biking to work/school, or walking if it’s just nearby. It not only saves you money for gas, but is also healthy. You get to help save the environment while having fun, and while staying healthy! Think Tour of the Fireflies!

Last, at least for now, talk to people about the importance of keeping the air clean. Would you wanna wait til we all need to wear gas masks before you do something about it? Blog for clean air! Do photography for clean air! Create videos for clean air! The more people that get educated on this matter, the better.

Together for clean air!

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