Solid Waste Management for Schools

We will be heading to Caleruega next week for another of the School-based Ecological Solid Waste Management Program (SESWMP) Trainers’ Training Toyota Autoparts have been sponsoring, if I’m not mistaken, from around four years back.

It is the fourth of the series, where student leaders are being thought the value of loving our environment, and helping them know ways on how to protect it, at least through the most basic (but most important) way — through proper ecological solid waste management.

Included in the program (first day) are presentations on the Clean Water Act — specifically on what students can do to help clean our waters; of course, Proper Ecological Solid Waste Management; and well, most importantly, the basics of and strategies on establishing a School-Based Ecological Solid Waste Management System.

Second day would have to be the Action Planning by the students… where they would want their school to go as far as environmental management is concerned. I’m positive that the students will all get involved seriously as the students who have trained before them have been. I imagine it would be fun seeing some of the students whom we used to teach sharing “best practices” in their schools to inspire this new batch of leaders.

Anyway, as I’ve said, I’m not really worried about them. After all, kids today are so brilliant, they are almost like adults. What I’m more concerned about is having to wake up at 3am because we would have to meet the driver who will bring us to Caleruega really, really early.

Update: Class photo is up now! Be green, students!

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