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Two weeks ago, we organized a mini workshop at the office on environment photography. We invited no less than award-winning Filipino photographer Mr. Dennis Rito to be our Resource Speaker. He taught us the basics (and more) about DSLR photography — what we need to know, specifically settings on aperture and speed which are key, and of course, proper framing and composition.

What I loved about Sir Dennis’ talk is his main message, it is the eye that matters… and I personally believe that. Sometimes, I feel that what I may lack in technicalities, I make up for the composition (hehe!) because I’d like to think that I know beauty when I see it — and it’s really everywhere!

Here are a few of the photos I took during the workshop:

First, my favorite… in my opinion, though I’m not a bird expert and I don’t know if his condition is okay or not but I think this is a really, really ‘sad’ shot and I really feel for the bird. Although I’m sure they are being taken cared of well there at the park.

I call this one “Balancing Act”, and this is of a Night Bird.

This is another Night Bird, so again, I am not sure if he was awake when I took this shot. He (well, I think the bird is a guy hehe) was in a cage, as with all the other birds in PAWB) with his other friends.

This one’s a rubber tree. It’s my first time to see such a tree, or maybe the first that I have seen “labeled as one” so I decided to check it up close, and snapped at its most interesting part. I call it my door to wonderland.

… and last, but definitely the most romantic (hehe), I call this shot “labing-labing”, since obviously, it’s a photo of two people in love, at a park, sharing some precious time. I love the framing of this shot, and how they both seemed to just blend to the background. And know what, we have seen so many lovers in PAWB that I could build an entire album had I took photos of all of them, and call that album Tuesdate.

Well, these are my shots… hope you like them. 🙂

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