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Metro Manila pushes for better household solid waste management system

June 7th, 2011 Posted by environment 1 thought on “Metro Manila pushes for better household solid waste management system”

Last Friday, Metro Manila mayors forged an agreement with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to ensure the establishment of an ecological solid waste management program at the household level, particularly in condominiums and subdivisions.

While this may be a tad too late, it still is a good move on the part of the local government units considering the fact that waste does begin at our homes. The Memorandum of Agreement that was signed by the mayors and by DENR has a one-year time frame — and that within this period, the barangay, in coordination with the Home Owners’ Association (HOA) of the subdivisions/condominiums, would have established a system that includes segregation at source, segregated collection, and establishment of a materials recovery facility (MRF). They would also have to ensure that there will be a 50 percent waste diversion rate, as well as the publication of reports on issued ordinances and violations.

I really hope that this would really help turn the country’s garbage situation around. It really is depressing to see garbage just about everywhere — and even more depressing is the idea that no matter how much we try to put an end to all these filth, it just won’t happen cause other people keep on polluting the environment.

And so, I really do hope that the mayors, particularly their staff, would really commit to this — and would really assist the HOAs as they structure their waste management program. If we do this right, not only would we all feel good, but we would also ensure that the future generation will live a good life as well.

Go Metro Manila!


Iva Maurin

Iva is a Communications Specialist with an over-a-decade experience in environmental community work in the Philippines. As an environment educator, she focuses on events organization and IEC materials development. She’s now based in California and works in publications in San Francisco. She’s also the Creative Content Editor for the Global Filipino Network.

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1 thought on “Metro Manila pushes for better household solid waste management system”

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