Solar Bottle Bulb

A community in Laguna finds an ingenious way to solve their electric bill problem through solar-powered light bulbs made from an empty plastic soda bottle, water, and bleach.

What they do is create a hole on the roof and insert the bottle filled with water and bleach, and presto, instant lighting. It’s really a very clever and cheap way to have an alternative roof lighting system in your homes.

This is just one among the many communities assisted through the very noble project, Isang Litrong Liwanag, being initiated by the handsome Mr. Illac Diaz (and the Rotary Club). It aims to bring “light” to communities nationwide through the Solar Bottle Bulb developed by students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Here is a video with founder, Illac Diaz:

Here’s an info about the Project I lifted from their facebook account:

“A Liter of Light is a program inspired by many innovations from around the world. Many cultures have used glass bottles to allow lighting through the roof, and Alfredo Moser from Brazil began pioneering methods of experimenting with plastic bottles. There has been modifications to the Philippine model, but what must be emphasized the amount of people whose lives are being affected by this innovation.”

Anyway, if you want to help the group reach the goal of lighting a million homes by 2012, or simply have inquiries, you may email them at

video credits: youtube’s ALiterOfLight and gmanews.

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  2. Great tips to use as Natural light direct from the sun which have energy-efficient economy will be great help!

  3. Voice4World 10 years ago

    i’d watched mr. diaz in one of his tv guestings recently explaining this solar-powered lightbulb. i was amazed. this invention is inexpensive yet ingenious. i hope the government supports this project.

  4. gp 10 years ago

    Miss Cari, you may check for details.

    jas, you’re welcome, my friend!

  5. Jaz (@FILkada) 10 years ago

    i love this! saw this sa balita kanina. will include your post in my next FILkada WEEKLY newsletter! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cari Azores 10 years ago

    We are interested in this solar light bulb technology for the communities around the seven lakes in San Pablo City. Who can we contact to teach us about it. Thanks, Cari

  7. gp 10 years ago

    They have a facebook page:

    and a website (for those who want to sponsor and volunteer):

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