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rubbertreeThey say to be immortalized, you can do one of three things — write a book, be in a film, or plant a tree.

It’s going to be the second year run of the Philippine government’s National Greening Program, and hopefully, this time around will be better than the first (hopefully two steps up).

It’s a great program, and I know even private corporations have adopted areas where they could plant seedlings. Had the chance to be part of the program, planted trees along Mount Banahaw, although to be really honest about it, I was disappointed because I don’t think the area assigned to us for us to plant on isn’t well-suited for trees to grow. Hopefully, this year, we would be given a better area so our effort (and sweat and tears), will not be wasted — and of course, the seedlings would eventually grow to be really pretty trees.

Which makes me also remember the time when we planted in the middle of Commonwealth Avenue. Was able to plant maybe about three seedlings there — yes, we planted the “soon-to-be-trees” you see there when you drive along the highway. It’s a very unlikely place to plant trees, but a very noble initiative I feel as it aimed to at least lessen the air pollution from mobile sources. It was part of the campaign for the Trees for Life, “longest” tree planting activity that time (a program of the late Secretary Reyes of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources) where 20 million seedlings had been supposedly planted.

And so it is always best to care for trees. It gives us life, saves us, and so we should do our best to protect them (and not really cut them and really ensure the full implementation of the total log ban in the country). For trees here in the metro, make sure we care for them.

Let’s do our share in caring for trees.


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