From Trash to Bricks

Did you know that there are municipalities and provinces all over the country where solid wastes, particularly residuals, are being converted into bricks? Yeah, you got that right – they make it possible for people to literally walk through and step over trash — but in a good way.

The Municipality of Teresa, Rizal (pictured above, thanks to NSWMCS), for one, creates bricks from residuals. What they do is crush the residuals at their Materials Recovery Facility, put them in this cement mixer, and voila, bricks. If I am not mistaken, these ‘trashy’ bricks are not only cheaper, but are also sturdier than the ‘clean’ ones. I believe the park along Pasig River (where the ferry station’s at) is lined with these bricks to showcase the technology.

Anyway, who knows, maybe in a few months, we’d have more roll up walkways that are made from these bricks. After all, it’s always better when wastes are converted to resource. Saves sanitary landfill space big time.

Photo credit: Lito Fajardo, NSWMCS

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