Crafts from Wastes

It was an extremely busy day today…

I’ve been busy working on one of the adopted rivers in Metro Manila (of course, with my colleagues) and so far, the Program’s doing good. I believe I have talked about this before, that oil giant PETRON adopted Marikina River and will be spending 18 million this year alone, for the dredging and riprapping of one of the creeks that lead to the river (first phase of the project). PETRON has already awarded half of the money to the Marikina CEMO, and has also given them the backhoe for the dredging.

During our afternoon session, while with our stakeholders for the day (community leaders, school teachers, and Home Owners’ Association officers), my colleague had a presentation on crafts made from “solid wastes”. She’d shown stuff like bags made from aluminum tabs, vases made from plastic bottles, and drop lights made from bottle caps. No, there’s no linen that I probably would have loved, but everything she presented looked doable and cute.

Anyway, as she was presenting, one of the audience remarked that they have been doing crafts from wastes too. She showed a cute green wallet (see photo above) which was made from plastic, and they sell it really cheap. Less than a half a dollar. They’re made by students and teachers (if I heard it correctly) as an arts and crafts mini-livelihood project in Parang Elementary School in Marikina. I bought this one so I could blog about it and maybe, just maybe, help the school market their “product’.


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