Nope, it’s not something you could use to hit your best friend’s face with when you’re mad at him/her lol… It’s a cleaning “gadget” for dirty creeks. It’s the antivirus for small bodies of water. :p

This shot was taken in Palawan where we were shown how the mud ball works. Basically, one just have to throw the mud balls (like what we did as shown – left photo) and then the “microorganisms” in them will ‘battle” and “kill” whatever it is that’s making the water dirty. Of course, we did not stay long enough to see if the creek really did become clean after we threw the mud balls but the community environment officer there claims it is one of the measures they use to rehabilitate their creeks.

From what I have gathered, the people there are thought how to prepare the mudballs, along with the preparation of media for growing some vetiver grass that will also be planted along the creeks. Hope they get to be even more successful so when we get back there (hoping on all hopes, this year), there’d be more improvement in their creeks (which are way clean compared here in Manila, sighs).

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