Lakbayan Water Trail with Manila Water

Water Trail participants get to tour the Manila Water facility.

I attended Manila Water’s Lakbayan Water Trail Tour earlier today and I’d like to recommend it to you, my dear reader (if I even have one).

The Lakbayan Water Trail Tour is part of the company’s CSR program to educate its stakeholders on how they manage to supply the Metro Manila household with water from Angat, as well as how they do waste water treatment. The Trail starts with a really fun video featuring Manila Water’s mascot, Pat Tubig, as he gets through the different water treatment process — prechlorination, coagulation, flocculation, chlorinated again, filtered, and then chlorinated again (I might have missed some parts) before he gets the “seal of approval” from the lab analysts that he could get released to our homes in Manila. We were treated to a game shortly after where we did a Pinoy Henyo thing just to see if we learned something from the vid (our team lost, poor us, but we did get a baller id as losers’ prize).

An actual tour of the facility followed shortly after (see photo). We got to actually see what the water we enjoy in our homes originally looked like (it’s not too bad though) before it gets through the whole treatment thing. We were even given access to the control room where the engineers have all those shiny buttons to ensure operations go well in the facility. Our last stop there’s the Pumping Area where the waters are “pumped” (obviously) to reach our homes. We then went to an area in Marikina where they release their treated waste water.

Probably the cutest and my most favorite part of Lakbayan’s having our names printed on tiny leaf stickers which we get to post on the wall to form part of the mural trees.

If you’re interested to have your own Lakbayan Tour, feel free to contact them. Here’s the web address:

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