World Water Day 2015

Every March 22, people all over the planet celebrate World Water Day.

This year, I was blessed enough to witness (and my first too!) how World Water Day is celebrated outside my home country. We joined the Bless the Lake event, at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater, in Oakland, California.

Bless the Lake, Lake Merritt, Oakland, California
Bless the Lake, Lake Merritt, Oakland, California

“Lift each other culturally for momma earth… Act in a unified union… Remember that if we don’t realize our voice, it will just be voice…” — collective words from the speakers and artists there yesterday.  Simple words with big meaning.

We really do need to act as one, be one, if we want to save ourselves. There really is no saving earth, it is more that we need to save “us” — we need to save our race as humans. The earth has, over and over, regenerated itself. The Earth will heal, with or without us.  The earth reclaims the land that we have butchered, all it takes is time, but we do not have that luxury as humans. We all must act now.

It really doesn’t take much. I remember one speaker talked about “earth early education” — teaching children the value of the environment while they’re still young. So talk to children, take them to parks so they would grow with an appreciation and love for earth. Teach them to plant trees, use glasses when brushing their teeth, help in community clean-ups… and, these are just water-related. There are so many things we can all collectively do. Wherever you are in the world, there is no excuse not to help.

Students take creative selfies on their water conservation efforts
Students take creative selfies on their water conservation efforts

Lastly, I want to congratulate these young students in the photo– Janelyn Joyce Paje who uses a glass when brushing her teeth; Mikael Lazaro who helps keep the street waterway clean; and Ken Andrei Boco who waters his plant with rice water), and the others who took part in my former office’s Water Conservation Selfie search. I am sure you inspired a lot of other youngsters to do the same.

Happy World Water Day, everyone!

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