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Sustainable Ride to the Future with Bambu Bikes!


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The Bayawan Advocates for Network of Indigenous Initiatives, Inc. (BAYAW-ANI) has embarked on a green transportation advocacy with the Bambu Bike Initiative. This is BAYAW-Ani’s conscious response to global warming and climate change – a serious move to bring people to environmental consciousness and action.

The Bambu Bike Initiative

Tatay Filcon rides high on this bambu-bike built by bambu technologies for his 2015 pilgrimage.

The Bambu Bike Initiative is a move to set up the bamboo industry and develop bamboo craftsmen through a viable and sustainable enterprise in Barangay Nangka, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. The initiative focuses on building bambu bike frames and bike accessories and components using bamboo, rattan, abaca, and other locally-available materials. This serves as a gateway to more initiatives on greening while optimizing local skills and resources for global competitiveness and economic viability.

This initiative aims to establish the following:

  • Bambu nursery and plantation farm that will cater to the needs of the community and the guild
  • Shared service facility that would serve as a shop for the guild and students of ABCMHS
  • Showcase Center that would serve as the enterprise hub for all bambu products

This is a start-up social enterprise that envisions a portal for the development of top tier bambu products starting with bambu bike frames. Six (6) months is needed to stabilize its operations and also, to mentor ten (10) young, world-class bike builders in Bayawan. With Php300,000.00 or Php50,000.00 a month, this initiative could maintain and mentor ten (10) builders, build bike frames, and develop more bambu products.


The Bambu Bike Team

The Initiative is a labor of love of groups committed to the advocacy:

  • Bayawan City DepEd Division: Supervision and policy support to ABCMHS.
  • LGU-Bayawan and Barangay Council of Nangka: provides place for a workshop (shared service facility); initial capitalization to market the bikes; purchase of bambu bikes to be used by the departments of the city as a showcase for “greening”.
  • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Dumaguete City: provides technical assistance in developing proposals so that the guild could avail assistance for shared service facility.
  • Provincial Bamboo Industry Council, Negros Oriental, Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)
  • Bambusa Collabo: provides technical support in the planting, harvesting, treatment and storage of bamboo poles; assists in the development of a bamboo forest in Bayawan with a nursery and bamboo structures.
  • Bambu Technologies: provides mentoring and guidance (technical & network development) and ensures quality and excellence of the bamboo bike frames and accessories (panniers, helmets, fenders.
  • Guod: guild of craftsmen in Barangay Nangka and Bambu-bike builders in Bayawan. The group is set to be accredited through the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Bayaw-ANI will provide the technical assistance in building the capacity of the guild including its accreditation with DOLE.

The Initiative also has mentors in the person of John Climaco, Craig Calfee, Jobert Koerkamp, and Entropy Resins’ Rey and Desi Banatao.

Bayawan Bambu Guild’s Jude Cabangal.

In partnership with Bambu Technologies, BAYAW-Ani has, to date, facilitated three (3) Bamboo Bike Frame Building and Mentoring Workshops in the City of Bayawan, trained twenty (20) skilled bamboo bike builders, and sent frames to the United States of America that passed the standards of Bambu Technologies.

This initiative not only advances Green Transportation, but also promotes Filipino quality indigenous materials like kawayan (bamboo) and abaka (abaca); Filipino craftsmanship & ingenuity, and the Bamboo Bike Social Enterprise.

BAYAW-Ani has also forged partnerships with individuals, groups, and organizations along Green Transportation and Social Enterprise to sustain the advocacy.

BAYAW-Ani commits to provide mentorship on bamboo bike frame building to ten (10) public school students, now in their Senior High at Atilano B. Cabangal Memorial High School (ABCMHS) — where they could learn and earn until they graduate to college.

For this, BAYAW-Ani invites partners to help them carry on this green project with a noble cause through any of the following:

  • Green Transpo & Social Enterprise Partnership at P50,000.00 to produce 2 bamboo bikes to sustain the guild in a month with 1 bike to be given as token to the partner;
  • Bamboo Bike Construction for You – a Partner’s Advocacy Use ranging from 8,000.00 – 26,000.00 depending on the model and bike package (BMX, fixie, city bike, road bike, MTB frames or its complete bike set packages).
  • Donation of bike parts, junk bikes, extra tools, materials for the proposed showroom, bamboos, smiles and most especially prayers;
  • BAYAW-Ani Scholarship Program Pledge or donation.

Partnership option 1 & 2 will be covered by a MOA/MOU between BAYAW-Ani and the Advocacy Partner, in which the second party will be invited to participate in the Bamboo Bike research and development, a technology which is still new in the country’s bike industry, as a way of building and gaining trust and pride in Filipino products and craftsmanship.

Support our local bamboo bikes!

If you wish to own a Bambu Bike and/or be part of the Bayawan Bambu Bike Initiative, please contact the guod (Bayawan Bambu Guild) through Ritchie (09275654484) or Jude (09476151447), or send them a message at Bayawan (Facebook Page).

To know the full details of the Bambu Bike initiative, you may download: Riding Green with Bayawan Bambu Bike Initiative

For additional information on bamboo bikes, check these links:


* Thanks to Bayawan Bambu Guild’s Jude Cabangal for the interview. Images courtesy of the Bayawan Bambu Bike Initiative.


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