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Fun Things to Do in Jack London State Park

December 2nd, 2015 Posted by Travel 0 thoughts on “Fun Things to Do in Jack London State Park”

Sonoma is not just for fancy wine-tasting, it is also a place to relax your senses and enjoy the calming beauty of nature. If you happen to go there, don’t miss the chance to go hiking at the historic Jack London State Park. My husband and I were there two weeks ago, both our first time, and we loved it!

Here are a few fun things to do at the Park:


1. Enjoy Peace and Quiet while Hiking

Feel free to get lost in nature.


Being in the city could be a bit overwhelming at times and a walk in the park is a great stress-reliever. It is quiet and peaceful, with tall redwoods lining the trails offering shade that helps envelope hikers with cool, soothing breeze. The trail seemed almost endless, which is great. We got a map and set foot towards the two lakes in the area. Be sure to bring a water bottle cause you will definitely get thirsty walking for hours.


2. Ride your Horse

Horseback Riding


If you’re feeling more like a cowboy, or would rather not walk long miles, you can also ride a horse. Horse back rides are guided, and are by reservation only. I’m not too sure about where the trail leads to for riders as we were on foot, but the park is enchanting overall. The guide was funny too, as he joked about smiling for the paparazzi when he spotted me as I was taking this picture.


3. Birding

Da Birdy Code


My husband loves birding, and this was his bird list within just a few hours of us walking. If you are a birder, you would surely love this park. Also, please don’t ask me to interpret this list because I absolutely have no clue. All I know is that we saw and heard a lot of birds.


4. Paint the Lake

Fern Lake


Well, even if you’re no Picasso, you could still be artistic and immortalize Fern Lake through your art. Okay, this might be a bit extreme but look at this beauty. I believe we had been walking for more that two hours so when we got here, it made me high. We circled the lake on foot, and every step was worth it.


5. Be One with Trees

In the middle of Redwoods


I remember this scene from Pocahontas where Mother Willow (a tree) was imparting wisdom to her. This was the line:

Listen with your heart, You will understand
Let it break upon you, Like a wave upon the sand
Listen with your heart, You will understand

People could learn a lot from trees. They may not have mouths but they really do teach us volumes. We just have to sit still and observe, and this, you can do at the park.


Jack London Historic State Park is located at 2400 London Ranch Rd, Glen Ellen, CA 95442. Learn more at their website:


Iva Maurin

Iva Maurin

Iva is a Communications Specialist with an over-a-decade experience in environmental community work in the Philippines. As an environment educator, she focuses on events organization and IEC materials development. She’s now based in California and works in publications in San Francisco. She’s also the Creative Content Editor for the Global Filipino Network.
Iva Maurin
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