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Hi! We are Iva & Larry, a nature-loving couple, currently living and loving life in the Bay Area, California. We are Oakland residents and San Francisco urban professionals. Outside work, you might catch us hiking and kayaking, or camping and birding. We live with our two furry maine coon nephews, Linus and Yogi.


We started Greenphils in 2007 as a reminder to think and be green. We may not have the power, nor the chance, to craft environmental laws, but through this blog, maybe we can inspire. Over the years, we have been doing our best to provide environment news, travel stories, commentaries, and advices which might be useful to anyone. We also post events and press releases from friends in the sector.

Iva is a Communications Specialist, currently working in publications since moving to California two years ago. Before this, she was a Graphic Design Consultant for an asian environmental NGO, and also spent over-a-decade of her life doing environmental community work in her homeland, the Philippines, for the government, focused on events organization and information materials development. Read her post: Hiking Basics for the Clueless Girl.

Larry is a Natural Resource Scientist, an avid birder, and a passionate environmentalist with years of experience in forest and stream ecology, restoration, and monitoring. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Asia (Watershed Management and Rehabilitation in the Philippines) and Africa (Agriculture in Zambia), and now works as an Environmental Scientist in San Francisco. He also has an Urban Permaculture Design Certificate from the Urban Permaculture Institute in San Francisco. Read his post: Farmers on the Forefront.

In a nutshell, we write about:

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We have also been mentioned / recognized:

Finalist, Bloggys 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards under the Nature and Environment Category | “The Importance of Saving Water”, THE PEPPER MILL article by Pepper Teehankee (The Philippine Star, page C-10, April 19, 2011) | Earth Day Network Philippines’ advertorial, “Sectors Unite Anew for Earth Day” (Manila Standard Today, page A9, Apri 28, 2011) | One of the Best Cyber Pinoys for July 2008, Tanikalang Ginto


Cheeanne is the Cities Clean Air Partnership Manager of Clean Air Asia. She previously handled the south-south knowledge partnership for Clean Air Asia’s country networks (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam) and managed projects under Clean Air Asia’s Clean Fuels and Vehicles Program. She is the woman behind the travel blog, RoamingRonos. Read her post: City-to-City Cooperation in Washington DC.

Tanya confesses to be a genuine “promdi” (Pinoy slang for “from the province”) who only had the opportunity to study in the city through a “collective diskarte”. Unhappy with the current atmosphere of the Philippine educational system, she decided to go back to the province to teach. After years of experience working with the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) as an actor, theater facilitator, and then as a school teacher, she now takes this colorful and unpredictable ride of hope for the local communities in the provinces of the Philippines. Read her post: Kape Albarako.

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