Hi! We are Iva & Larry, a nature-loving couple, living and loving life in the Bay Area, California. We are Oakland residents and San Francisco urban professionals. Outside work, you might catch us hiking and kayaking, or camping and birding. If you see us, don’t be a stranger and say hi!

Iva:   I’m a Communications Specialist, currently working in publications in San Francisco. Before this, I was a graphic design consultant for an environmental NGO, and spent over-a-decade of my life doing environmental work for the Philippine government. My focus was  on environmental education, events, and community mobilization. I also love taking nature photos, and I took most of the photos you see here. Read my post: Hiking Basics for the Clueless Girl.

Larry: I’m an Environmental Scientist and an avid birder with years of experience in forest and stream ecology, restoration, and monitoring. I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Asia (Watershed Management and Rehabilitation Project in Marikina City, Philippines) and Africa (Ikelenge, Zambia). I also hold a Permaculture Design Certificate and work full-time at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco, California. Read my post: Farmers on the Forefront.

We started Greenphils in 2007 as a reminder to think and be green. We may not have the power, nor the chance, to craft environmental laws, but through this blog, we hope to inspire. Over the years, we have been doing our best to provide environment news, travel stories, commentaries, and advice which might be useful to anyone. Basically, we’re green bloggers who love to explore nature, discover organic products, participate in eco-events, and volunteer for the environment! We’re open to collaborations, so if you have something for us, please drop us a message.

Welcome to Greenphils! We are currently simplifying our blog, please bear with us. Thanks! 🙂


What We Do

Permaculture:  We can help introduce new ways of interacting with your environment through Permaculture. We can collaborate with you, discuss and explore systems for possible projects. Currently, we are working on the Parkway Cascade in Oakland, CA, working with co-volunteers to reinvigorate a neglected urban garden. To date, we have built infiltration berms, mulched, and planted several species in the area.

Layout and Graphic Design:  We layout and design information materials for the environment. Our projects include collaterals for the Cities and Clean Air Project of Clean Air Asia, and the Environmental Management Bureau, and, some concert posters for Earth Day Jam Foundation.

Media Partnerships: We are a media partner to the following: 2016 Clean Air Concert organized by Earth Day Jam Foundation in Market Market Activity Center, Philippines last November 8, 2016; 2015 Clean Air Concert organized by Earth Day Jam Foundation in Robinsons Galleria, Philippines last November 4, 2015; and Green Philippines 2015: 5th Philippine International Total Green movement Exhibition and Conference in SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines last September 24-26, 2015.


In a nutshell, we write about:

News & Events | Travel | Commentaries | People | Products & Services

Everything is interconnected.

We have also been mentioned / recognized:

Finalist, Bloggys 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards under the Nature and Environment Category | “The Importance of Saving Water”, THE PEPPER MILL article by Pepper Teehankee (The Philippine Star, page C-10, April 19, 2011) | Earth Day Network Philippines’ advertorial, “Sectors Unite Anew for Earth Day” (Manila Standard Today, page A9, Apri 28, 2011) | One of the Best Cyber Pinoys for July 2008, Tanikalang Ginto


We are open to contributors and guest posts, or we can write for you. However, we only post articles that we believe are true to the values we advocate – eco-friendly, organic, natural, and green.

Cheeanne is the Cities Clean Air Partnership Manager of Clean Air Asia. She previously handled the south-south knowledge partnership for Clean Air Asia’s country networks (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam) and managed projects under Clean Air Asia’s Clean Fuels and Vehicles Program. She is the woman behind the travel blog, RoamingRonos. Read her post: City-to-City Cooperation in Washington DC.

Tanya confesses to be a genuine “promdi” (Pinoy slang for “from the province”) who only had the opportunity to study in the city through a “collective diskarte”. Unhappy with the current atmosphere of the Philippine educational system, she decided to go back to the province to teach. After years of experience working with the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) as an actor, theater facilitator, and then as a school teacher, she now takes this colorful and unpredictable ride of hope for the local communities in the provinces of the Philippines. Read her post: Kape Albarako.



In accordance with FTC Guidelines, we disclose that we may have an affiliate relationship and/or material connection, to any supplier of goods and services that may be discussed here, and may be compensated for showing ads or recommending products or services, or linking to the supplier’s website. While Greenphils may receive products or services for free or at a discount, for review, we only recommend those that we believe are true to the values that we advocate here – eco-friendly, organic, natural, and green – and would be good for our readers. We would also explicitly state such on the article where it is merited. This is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on the contributed articles on this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect ours. Any content provided by our contributors are of their opinion, and are not intended to malign any religion, ethic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anything.


If you want to be a part of Greenphils, email admin@greenphils.com.



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  1. Sam Marquit


    My name is Sam Marquit, I am an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value I am wondering if you’re interested in featuring me on your blog because I would love a chance to speak with your readers about the idea of environmentally responsible tourism as it’s applied in modern day travel and stay.

    If you think this topic, or any other for that matter, would be of interest to your readers, please let me know and I can begin drafting up something that I believe will mesh with your blog very well.

    I look forward to hearing back from you; hopefully we can work together on spreading the word on important topics like this as they relate to environmental awareness!

    I look forward to hearing from you,


  2. Marry

    This blog is really very interesting and easy to understand the information provided in it. It is very nice to view this blog.many many thanks for sharing this…

  3. Sarah

    I really appreciate what you have done. Its really amazing. Thank you so much for sharing such a great information with us. Hope you will provide us more informative stuff in the future. I’ll wait for the next one impatiently.

  4. Zsa Salazar

    Hi Iva,

    Would like to invite for an environment-related event, however, whenever we send the invite to your email address (ivachie@yahoo.com), our email bounces back. Any alternative email we can send the invite to? Many thanks!

  5. Rei Paulin

    “Aeta Tribesmen, Yuppies and Student IP Advocates”
    Joins Thousands of Events Across the Planet.

    Solidarity mountain trekking is accompanied by giant arrows with captions: “Ipamingwa (save) Mt. Abo and the environment!
    Defend the Aetas’ Land, Life and Resources Against Mining Plunder!

    Contact: Rey A. Paulin, Tel.# 412-5340, email: tabakphils@yahoo.com

    Quezon City — On September 24, dozens of Aeta indigenous people will welcome their advocates who will trek and plant trees to express support and resistance against mining plunder and further degradation of Mt. Negron (Mt. Abo to the Aetas because of the usual grayish clouds covering the Mountain).

    The action is part of the worldwide Moving Planet events, a huge rally and practical actions against global issues of the environment and climate crisis.

    WHAT: Perhaps the first mountain trekking and tree planting activity dedicated to the Aeta indigenous peoples of concerned students, children, young professionals, Church peoples with a giant arrow expressing reisistance against mining operations in Mt. Abo. It will be followed with a forum and community dancing to be lead by the Aetas.
    WHO: More than 500 concerned individuals from St. Scholasticas Collage-Manila, Angeles University Foundation , Holy Family Academy, SOS Children’s Village, young Urban Professionals, Church workers, IP advocates and environmentalists from Manila and Central Luzon.
    WHERE: Barangay Kamias, Porac, Pampanga. Assembly point is at the National Council of churches in the Philippines (NCCP), 879 EDSA, Quezon City,
    WHEN: Saturday, September 24, 2011 from 5:00am to 5:00pm
    VISUALS: Giant arrows to be held up over the head of the attendees and dozens of arrow signs will be carried by the participants while trekking the old logging roads leading to Mt. Abo. More than 1000 native tree species will be planted. Culmination will be a community dance to be lead by the Aetas.
    WHY: While drawing attention to the impact of mining operations to the lives of the Aetas after surviving the Pinatubo erruption and its aftermath, it will be connected to the global fight to save the planet from climate chaos. The associated tree planting will be of help to absorb the carbon that we are putting in the atmosphere. A little bit conventional offsetting, but we have to make sure that we are cooling the planet while we work on the transformation to a zero-fossils, 100% renewable world society. ###

    For more information please visit http://www.moving-planet.org/events/ph/pampanga/1430 , email the organizer at: tabakphils@yahoo.com or through tel Nos. 412-43-40, 09391145897

  6. Mark Bantigue


    I’m a follower of your blog and I find your perspective both sober and relevant. I’m asking permission to feature the Metro Manila solid waste improvement blog entry on P3.

    P3, http://www.p-3.ph, is a crowd-sourced, progressive, online Philippine news magazine that features blogs with perspectives on modern Filipino culture, progress-minded, social responsibility, environmentalism, and tolerance.

    May I feature your blog post? I will provide all the necessary links and description of your blog.


  7. Nerissa


    Seeing that you’re a green advocate (and blogger) I wanted to reach out and see if you were interested in an article that I recently have written. It’s on the Olympics and the steps they’re taking to go green and decrease the environmental impact that it has. While sports is something far from the topic of your blog, I think that you will find it interesting and informative, and not overwhelming on the sports content, besides a few facts on the last Olympics, it is primarily about the Olympics going Green.

    I’m looking to spread awareness of the fact that even though the Olympic Games are fantastic and unifying, they are it’s quite a carbon-rich event and are not that environmentally sound.

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