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ZBO and the Search for Green Schools

This one’s for schools and universities!

The Search is now up for academic institutions with exemplary ecological solid waste management programs in place.

The Earth Day Network Philippines, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources through the National Solid Waste Management Commission, Department of Education, and Commission on Higher Education launched yesterday the Zero Basura Olympics for Academic Institutions. This is actually the third of the Zero Basura Olympics series, the first one being for local government units (awarding was held in Malacanang) and the second, for businesses (awarding was held in SM Mall of Asia last Earth Day 2010).

There are three categories — elementary, high school, and tertiary (and that there will three winners per category), winners of which will be awarded next year. I’ll post the mechanics as soon as I get a copy.

Also, just wanna remind everyone that there’s also another green competition for schools — that’s the Search for Sustainable and Ecofriendly Schools 2011, sponsored by SMART. But this one’s more than just about solid waste, but the whole environment initiative of schools (air pollution – if they don’t do open burning or have carless days; water conservation – if they use glasses when they brush their teeth instead of just letting their Kohler faucets run, you get the drift…). Mechanics and other info are up at the official website at http://sustainableschools.ph.

Eco-friendly School: Palawan State University

Palawan State University emerged as the National Winner (First Place) – College Category in the 2009 National Search for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools organized by the Environmental Management Bureau-DENR in cooperation with the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education and SMART Communications, Inc.

Would you wanna be the next?

Here are some of PSU’s projects and programs that made them number one!

In order to mitigate the potential soil erosion in this Model University’s 20-hectare property bordered by the sea long Puerto Bay, and to stabilize and preserve other coastal slopes in the campus, the bio-engineering technique which used live plants, coco coir, organic and inorganic materials was used.

This University has put up an Environmental Education Training Center which aims to develop a pool of home-grown talents who could contribute to achieving an ecologically-sustainable world by influencing the younger generation to act responsibly on behalf of the environment.

This University implements the following: Bio-fencing Project, Biodiversity Program, the Continuing Livelihood Intervention with Mountain-based Ecological Rehabilitation (CLIMBER) Program, Rubber Nursery and Farming, the Aerobic Rice Farming Program, the Center for Strategic Policy and Governance, and the Knowledge for Development Center (KDC) Program.

Now, these are a lot… and our schools over here in the Metro (and of course, in other regions) would have to really work hard if they wanna be on top like Palawan State University.

Who knows.. maybe your school would be the next grand winner — this time for the 2011 National Search for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools!

Good luck!

Greening the Schools

As you probably now by now, the 2011 Nationwide Search for Sustainable and Eco-friendly Schools is up — and now, we would all have to wait and see which among all schools in the country would be regarded as the greenest!

This is the second run of the competition, special thanks to Smart Communications for the generous sponsorship, and the first winners are Penablanca East Central School (Elementary), La Castellana National High School (Secondary), and Palawan State University (Tertiary).

Anyway, for schools who are interested to join this time, you may check out the website — it’s sustainableschools.ph. There’s an “online entry form” (thank goodness for a directory submission software, or something like that) which would make it easier for schools to submit their entries.


Penablanca East Central School

Schools and a Cooler Planet

When I was in high school, I (well, together with my friends) joined this “green singing competition” where we had to compose songs and sing them in front of a large audience at our school auditorium. One of the winning entries talked about solar energy…

“Energy… coming from the sun… ang tawag don ay solar energy!” — this was the catchy part of the lyrics… it was a rock song, sang by the cool seniors then. Was a sophomore during the competition.

I’m not really too interested in Science then… not even the environment. But now that I’ve grown up, and had a lot of growing up done, I came to realize that our teachers meant well when they did that activity. Anyway, solar energy got stuck to my little memory, and now, so many years later, solar panels have become in. We have come to harness solar energy through solar panels, which are being used the world over.. There’s Fun Under the Sun when you do Orlando vacations, then there’s the largest solar panel factory in Japan. We have also been test driving solar panels for homes now in the Philippines…

Makes me think what happened to the boys… they could be solar panel engineers now. hehehe.

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