Dubinan Elementary School and Ateneo de Davao – High School to Represent the Philippines in the 2015 ASEAN Eco Schools Awards

This July, the 2015 ASEAN Eco Schools Awards will be held in Myanmar, in celebration of the ASEAN Environment Year. With the theme, “Empowering the Youth for a Clean and Green ASEAN”, two schools will be representing the Philippines — Dubinan Elementary School and Ateneo De Davao University High School. These schools emerged as champions […]

Back to School Green Tips


Summer’s over and it is “back-to-school fever” here in the country. This year, we encourage everybody to follow this simple green school tips: Kid’s Baon. There are cafeterias saying “no-no” to disposable containers. This means kids would have to use insulated baon containers, or washable lunch kits. This is to atleast help minimize the bulk […]



Farmers on the Forefront. It is incredibly inspiring and humbling to see farmers that have bought into the idea of being ecologically conscious and participating themselves as an organism integrated into the balanced farm system.



Start a Junkshop. Garbage is Big Business. Garbage may be a dirty business to some, but for the many people (and communities) who have earned from it, it is big business. You, too, could earn from recyclables! How? Start a junkshop.



Museo Pambata: A Fun Place for Kids to Learn about the Environment. Do you want your super cute kids to learn more about science and the environment in a fun, engaging way? Yes? Then, take your kids to Museo Pambata!


Travel: Beautiful Bohol. There is a grand reason why Bohol has consistently been among the top destinations in the Philippines – nature! The island is a tropical paradise, a surfer’s delight, a beach bum’s oasis, a nature lover’s dream.


Be a Coastal Clean Up Volunteer. Every third Saturday of September, people all over the world gather to take part in the International Coastal Clean Up Day, where everyone helps remove trash on waterways, rivers, beaches, coasts.


Why We Love Angel Island. A former campsite and “holding area” for immigrants, people from all over the world now enjoy Angel Island for the many activities it offers – picnic, boating, hiking and bicycling, tours, and even overnight camping.


Adopt a Spot in your Community. How would you like to turn an abandoned, weed-infested vacant lot into a mini-park or a community garden? Consider an Adopt-a-Spot Program. Get inspired by this community around Parkway Cascade.


Sustainable Ride with Bambu Bikes!. The BAYAW-ANI has embarked on a green transportation advocacy with the Bambu Bike Initiative – a conscious response to global warming and climate change – a serious move to bring people to action.