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Work Together for a Better Future

August 13th, 2010 Posted by education 0 thoughts on “Work Together for a Better Future”

Last Saturday, we were at the La Mesa EcoPark for an environment seminar for the barangay leaders of Tullahan. We were there to teach them the basics of solid waste management, and show them some model communities who have been successful in implementing their waste management programs… and teach them how these communities did it so they can do it as well.

They were really keen especially since they have been hit hard by Ondoy. We told them that if they do things right, then possibly, and at the very least, they could help lessen the impact of yet another catastrophe (knock on wood). I know that tomorrow, they’ll be visiting Kilus Foundation to help them maybe set up a livelihood program (or get inspired), and also a model community in Novaliches.

I really love how the organizer, Ms. Lexi Berbano (and company) prepared this particular project for them — know their needs first, feed their mind (and bodies, of course), and then really come up with a concrete project to help them. Then it’s gonna be all up to the community to sustain the project — and I pray that they would be successful.

I also loved Voltaire Alferez’ talk. He talked about man being the most useless of creatures, and that our only responsibility here on Earth is to take care of God’s creation… but too bad, instead of doing that, we have abused the Earth… and because of that, we are experiencing catastrophes… and that we need to do work together to help ourselves.

The best thing we could ever give our love ones, our children, and the children of our children, is the chance to live — the chance to live in a better, safer, cleaner place… and we need to act on this now.

… now for forever.

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