DENR Urges the Community to Manage Solid Wastes this Christmas Season

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) urges the public to once again, properly manage their solid wastes, particularly in celebration of the holiday season.

Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Jose L. Atienza reminds us to consider giving back to our Mother Earth, as a Chirstimas gift, by helping protect and care for our environment.

As Christmas as is traditionally expected that people to generate a lot of garbage, the DENR urges the public to celebrate the season in an environment-friendly manner, through proper management of solid wastes.

“Let us all be responsible in managing our solid wastes,” Atienza said.

The DENR also urges the public to ensure they have waste segregation bags whenever they hold parties, separating them into the following categories: biodegradables (food left-overs, peelings of fruits and vegetables; bones of fish, and meat products); recyclables (cartons, cans, glass bottles, and the like); and the residual wastes (soiled plastic wrappers and polystyrene packaging, and others). The DENR is also calls on local government units to put up additional waste receptacles, in communities, for the public, in preparation for the festivities of the holidays.

Waste prevention and waste minimization are also keys in celebrating a clean and pollution-free holiday. Careful consideration in purchasing gifts and other items this Christmas will also enormously reduce the amount of useless packaging materials that would only end up as garbage, or better, patronize gifts and products made of recycled materials. The DENR urges the public to either make their own gift bags with recycled paper, or if they receive gift-wrapped packages, to carefully sort them out and not mix wet wastes so that waste pickers can be helped some more possible earnings to augment their noche buena dish.

Maintaining a clean and safe environment is one of the best gifts to offer this holiday not just to the communities, but also, to our environment. For more information on proper solid waste management, contact the National Solid Waste Management Commission-Secretariat at 920-2252, or visit .

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