Save Water, Save Lives

Wanna be a hero?

“Save Water, Save Lives!”

First heard about this slogan for Water Management about five years ago, from a World Bank – DENR project. It’s about empowering the teens to do their share in protecting and caring for the environment, through simple acts of water management like not letting the kitchen faucets running when not in use or not throwing garbage anywhere (especially in esteros and canals).

Anyway, speaking of garbage being thrown just anywhere, here’s a short info on how long a trash takes to decompose. Got this from the planner Manila Ocean Park gave me last Christmas:

Paper: 1-5 months
Rope: 13-14 months
Plastic Coated Paper Carton and Chewing Gum: 5 years
Cigarette Butt: 1-12 years
Plastic Bag: 20-30 years
Leather Bag and Nylon Stockings: 30-40 years
Tin Can and Styro Cup: 100 years
Metal: more than 100 years
Disposable Diaper: 300-500 years
Plastic Bottle and Rubber Tire: Never

Important to know.

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