Wonderful Worms

Last Saturday, we went on a trip to the La Mesa EcoPark for a workshop under their EcoAcademy program. Principals (and a few teachers) from elementary and secondary schools in Limay, Bataan went over for a briefing on Environmental Education (and the law: Republic Act 9512).

Morning was all briefing, and the afternoon’s really the EcoAcademy part. We were first treated to a lecture on solid waste management (with National Solid Waste Management Commission Commissioner Dr. Palaypay), it was more like a primer cause we were asked to pick wastes.

Then, we went on a tour via the electric jeepney (which was donated by the Department of Tourism). It rained while we’re on the jeepney, so the EcoAcademy facilitators said we no longer have to pick wastes since well, everything’s gone wet.

We were then treated to a vermiculture activity where we “met” African Night Crawlers — worms which are placed on compost pits, then they poop, and then their poopies become organic compost! Very cool. plus, according to the lecturer, placing the organic composts on the ground “livens” up the soil.


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