Green Forum for Presidentiables

Wouldn’t it be great if we will have a green forum solely for the Presidentiables?

… a question-and-answer type of forum where the Presidentiables will be thrown questions about the environment — be it the most basic of questions:

“Do you smoke?”

“Do you segregate your wastes?”

to more complex:

“What is your take on mining in the Philippines?”

“What will you do to help combat climate change in the country?”

There have been Presidentiable “grilling sessions” left and right, but as far as I know, there’s none focused on the environment. It would be like dissecting the insides of a patient undergoing a bariatric surgery — lose all the “fats” — and get to the bottom of what these men — Teodoro, Villar, Aquino, Villanueva, and the rest — think about the environment.

… and I believe something like this will happen soon.

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  1. gp 11 years ago

    I believe they are planning one this April, for Earth Day. Let’s wait and see.

    PS: The government just launched the Basura-Free Elections, but we can already see that some candidates do not really follow the program — having allowed their “people” to put posters just about everywhere. tsk.

  2. I agree that there should be a green forum for presidentiables.

    I was able to attend the Inquirer Presidential Debate recently and some of the questions (very few questions, actually) touched on the environment.

    But maybe only Nicky Perlas can give the best answers on that, since it’s his field? I have a feeling all the others will give anthropocentric answers based on economics, politics, and things like that.

    Gibo Teodoro unwittingly gave us a peak into how concerned about the environment he is by answering a question on “sustainable mining”.

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