International Coastal Clean Up 2011

It was International Coastal Clean Up Day last Saturday and volunteers in the country joined forces, to do major rivers or bay clean ups.

Why do we need to do this? Well, first and foremost, water is life! Just as the Earth, our planet, is made up of 3/4s water, our bodies too, are made of the same. We need water to live — we use it to bathe, wash, cook, clean, drink, put of fires, for feeding the animals and even the plants.

And so, it’s sad that we have neglected our waters and made it what it is right now — dead and almost wholly covered with floating garbage. So, clean-ups are really great reminders for us that we need to save our waters if we want to save ourselves.

Here are some photos of those who went to clean up the Manila Bay — Las Pinas-Paranaque Critical Habitat Area.

By the way, last Friday, private corporations who have adopted esteros and tributaries in Metro Manila were convened to share each other’s experiences under the Adopt-an-Estero Program. The barriers and the next steps of the corporations were also discussed. Hopefully, and I really pray for the “adoption” of the Save the Tullahan Program in Fairview by a major mall.

Let’s start our workweek with the environment in mind. Have a Green Monday everyone!

photo credit: nino pinalva

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