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Should people in the Philippines take advantage of video or audio conferencing?

Now, more than ever, people have been embracing technology and the best way to get our messages across is to approach and communicate with our “target audience” using the channel or medium they prefer.

The other week, Metro Manila Sangguniang Kabataan officials were treated to an environment forum where one of their outputs is to come up with a Communications Plan which they would have to implement in their barangays.

Not able to stay long to wait for their outputs but I hope they included in their Plans a mix of traditional and non-trad means (old and modern), especially since their primary audience are the youth.

Sometimes, communication fails because we choose the wrong way to send our message. So what should we all do? Plan carefully. Here’s a communication plan model you could use, somehow patterned from the Model of Mr. Richard Jurin. I provided a sample (garbage) to hopefully make it even more easy for you to understand.

1. Environmental Scanning: You have to take a good look around your community to identify problems and see what areas could be improved.

2. Statement of the Problem: Garbage in Barangays

3. Goals: Make the youth active implementers of proper ecological solid waste management

4. Objectives: Introduce ecological solid waste management to the youth in the barangay; get the youth involved in clean-up drives; establish a Youth-led SWM program

5. Audience Analysis: Youth Sector (but you have to break it down further. Will you be addressing out-of school youth? Would you be addressing rick kids?)

6. Message Development: Green Revolution: “Kabataan… Kalikasan… Kinabukasan” (a general sample)

7. Media Choice and Design (print, broadcast, social networking sites)

8. Timeline (as your budget would allow, would you be doing the campaign for a year? long term or short term?)

9. Outcome and Impact Evaluation (you have to do some surveys after so you would know if you have been successful in your campaign. If you’re not, time to improve your message or your channel).

Good luck!


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