Green Resolution

It’s the new year so time for another set of resolutions!

I am pretty sure you have already made your list, but it would really do momma earth well if you could inject these three little, very very easy-to-do “green” resolutions.

Resolution No. 1: Bring Your Own Bottle. They say one has to drink eight glasses (some even say two liters) of water a day to stay healthy. Now, how many plastic water bottles would that translate to? Maybe about six.

Bringing your own bottle means you know you’re drinking something safe (provided you wash it and that you dont put mud or garbage in your bottle and drink it :p teehee). It also means you get to save money as mineral water bottles here in the Philippines are super expensive! And of course, it also means you get to not contribute to the garbage pile.

Again, imagine how many plastic bottles you could have stopped from being manufactured, or at least being put to trash, if only you bring your own bottle.

Resolution No. 2: Use a Glass When Brushing Your Teeth. Oh no, I’m not talking about using broken glasses to clean your teeth (ouch and how bloody!) but using a glass so you wouldn’t have to keep the faucet running. Save water! Yes, It’s just that simple. There are also toothbrushes made from bamboo and other recycled materials!

Resolution No. 3: Turn It Off. Considering how high my electric bill is (and probably yours too!), you should turn off and unplug all appliances that are not in use. I say unplug cause there’s this thing called “energy vampires” where, they say, energy still runs even if the appliances have been switched off.

Also, please make it a habit to make sure everything is switched off (minus the fridge and the aquarium, if you have one — don’t want fishes to die!) before you leave your house, or before you go to bed at night.

Nothing to lose but energy consumption.

Simple green resolutions, right? First, bring your own bottle. Second, use a glass when brushing your teeth. Third, switch off. You can do it!

Happy New Year!

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