Exploring Saipan Beaches

Are you looking for a new pristine beach island destination? What are you waiting for? Come to Saipan!

Saipan is a beach lover’s paradise! And for obvious reasons! It’s a small tropical island, surrounded by clear waters and the warmest smiles from everyone. We would probably need to spend every weekend of the entire year to check out all the beaches on the island. But because we’re excited, we’re starting this list of Saipan beaches.

First things first! How do you get to Saipan? Saipan is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If you have heard of Guam, that’s one of the entry points to this island. We flew in from San Francisco, and we had a lay-over in Japan, then Guam. It takes about 40 minutes to fly from Guam to Saipan. Also, just a heads up, we had to stay overnight in Guam because there’s only one flight to Saipan that day (not sure if it’s just on that day).

They have 33 public access shorelines listed on their guide. We’ll be updating this list as we try to visit all these beaches, so be sure to bookmark. 🙂

1. Micro Beach

Micro Beach

Micro Beach is the very first beach we checked out on the island. It’s right in front of the Hyatt, by the end of the American Memorial Park. This place is great for swimming, picnicking, and sightseeing. There’s a station by Hyatt where you can rent snorkeling gears (fins, goggles). This is also the station to go to if you want to go to Mañagaha Island. This is not a deep beach, you can actually walk on a lot of the parts, but you can still snorkel (don’t go past the buoy!). We did so, and saw fishes and sea cucumbers.

2. Mañagaha Island

Mañagaha Island

Mañagaha is an islet about 1.5 miles from Micro Beach. A conservation area, the area serves as a nesting habitat for wedge-tailed shearwater birds and for reef fishes. Despite being a conservation area, people can still come to Mañagaha. Everyone just needs to follow the rules so as not to hurt any of the species. You can swim, snorkel, parasail, and jet ski here. We got there via a boat service from the Hyatt, but there are also ferries that could get you there. The island has a food court, restrooms and showers, and souvenir shops. Bring your local ID to access the island for free.

3. Old Man by the Sea

“Old Man by the Sea” beach

“Old Man by the Sea” beach is in Talafofo, near the Kingfisher golf course. It’s called such because the limestone formation by the shore is shaped like a man’s face. It’s quite a hike to get there. There are two trails. One is more rugged, but there are ropes. We did it the hard way, but we were rewarded with warm waters. We were also alone on the beach. Bring a lot of drinking water to stay hydrated during the hike. 

4. Laolao Dive Site

Lau Lau Beach
Divers walking towards the ocean cliff

We’ went to Laolao to snorkel as we’re not divers yet. Not surprisingly, we saw a lot of divers as this place is one of the best known dive sites on the island. We snorkeled past the reef cut, and from there, saw so many giant brain corals. We even saw some wrecks underwater! We didn’t see the famous turtle though but perhaps next time, we’ll get luckier. 🙂 

5. Ladder Beach

Ladder Beach
A cave in Ladder Beach

Ladder Beach is a little past the airport. It’s called such because you can access it by climbing down a “ladder”! It’s a little different from the other beaches we’ve seen so far because it has caves, and is bordered by large rocks and cliffs. There’s a small souvenir shop by the “entrance” (the ladder), and, in case you get hungry, a restaurant about a hundred steps away.

6. Coral Ocean Point

Coral Ocean Point
A partial view of Tinian from Coral Ocean Point

We went here to just check out the beach. Although apparently, you can swim, fish, and even snorkel here. It felt almost abandoned, probably because the resort there, also called Coral Beach Point, seemed to have been heavily damaged by the typhoon. There’s a golf course too, we’re just not sure if games are still being held there. The beach wasn’t totally empty though. There was a man relaxing at the palapala (hut/shed) by the beach when we were there. Oh, you can see Tinian, the island closest to Saipan, from this beach point.

7. Paupau Beach

Paupau Beach
Just finished snorkeling at Paupau

Paupau is a family-friendly beach! It is by Middle Road, right next to Palms Resort. This is more like a beach park, and is even complete with palapalas complete with cooking areas and picnic tables. We saw a lot of kids having fun swimming. As you snorkel, you might think it’s a little too shallow, but just keep swimming and you’ll be rewarded with lots of colorful fishes, including blue sea stars!

Just a little note…

We’ve only been here a month so expect us to add more beaches. We’re lucky to be given the chance to live here, and experience being so close to nature. We’re lovingly embracing the island life. If you live on the island, feel free to suggest where we should go next. 🙂 And if you’re wanting to visit, don’t wait any longer. Come and experience the beautiful Saipan beaches. If you see us, say hi!

Exploring Saipan Beaches




What’s your favorite island beach adventure? Share with us!




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  1. Sinjana Ghosh 3 years ago

    Each of the beaches are exquisite and your photography is stunning. I love the cool blue color. The old man beach is my favorite. The shape of the rocks are really interesting.

    • iva 3 years ago

      All shades of blue, the beaches here have it! Have yet to see a beach here that’s not exquisite (and that’s not crystal-clear!). The Old Man by the Beach is the hardest one to get to (at least for me, so far) but being there is gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Tania Muthusamy 3 years ago

    Wow! Such gorgeous beaches in Saipan. I hadn’t heard of it before. I really like the look of Ladder Beach with the caves.

    • iva 3 years ago

      You would even love the waters and actually experiencing the caves 😉 Come visit!

  3. Mayi Mac 3 years ago

    All these beaches are beautiful! I can’t decide which one of the beaches I like the most. I love peaceful places like this, it almost feels like you have the beaches to yourself.

    • iva 3 years ago

      Exactly, Mayi Mac… Most of the time, we go to one beach, and it’s just us… or even when there are others, the beach is just too massive we can have our own quiet space.

  4. Soumya Gayatri 3 years ago

    You are indeed lucky to be living in such an amazing place. This is a wonderful collection of beaches in Saipan and very new to me too. I love the Ladder Beach. Those caves would be interesting for me and my kiddo to explore.

    • iva 3 years ago

      Hi Soumya! Yes, I think you and your kids would enjoy the caves, as well as the waters at Ladder Beach. It really is a blessing to have the chance to live here and experience the place. Come visit! 🙂

  5. Lynn 3 years ago

    Wow! All of these places look stunning. I was particularly intrigued by the colour of the water- as gorgeous as the Maldives or Turks & Caicos. Great summary…how do you choose only one each day!!

    • iva 3 years ago

      Hi Lynn! I know right? Good thing we’re here til we don’t know when – maybe for life, who knows 🙂 The waters are just super crystal clear, you don’t even really have to dive or snorkel to see fish!

  6. Anna 3 years ago

    omg the water is just SO blue! It looks like you had an incredible trip!

    • iva 3 years ago

      Crystal clear! Yes, happy to be experiencing the island life!

  7. Yukti 3 years ago

    After reading your post, I was googling around for this picturesque location. Saipan beaches look very peaceful and a paradise for beach lovers. I loved Micro beach.

    • iva 3 years ago

      Yes, just so many beaches. Based on our guide booklet, we still have 30 to check out! 🙂 Come visit!

  8. Lesley 3 years ago

    Such beautiful beaches in Saipan! They look quite quiet too so would be perfect for those looking for a a peaceful place in the sun 🙂 I’ll have to add Saipan to my list for sure.

    • iva 3 years ago

      Yes, please. There are so many beaches to choose from (after all, this is an island in the middle of the Pacific), and surely, whichever you choose, you’ll have a peaceful place under the sun! Hit us up when you come 🙂

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